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Can Semaglutide Be Compounded?

Semaglutide is made by one manufacturer, Novo Nordisk. Currently, Novo Nordisk is the only FDA approved source of semaglutide. They do not sell to pharmacies or any type of supplier. 

Novo Nordisk also currently has a patent on semaglutide so they could pursue legal action against any company infringing on their intellectual property. In addition, it is contrary to current regulations to compound a copy of a commercially available drug. These are just some practical reasons why semaglutide cannot be compounded. There are a variety of health reasons why it is also not recommended.

Many patients benefit from compounded drugs. Doctors and hospitals use them regularly. Our suggestion is to ask about the compounding pharmacy’s supplier before using a compounded form of semaglutide and as always, we recommend that patients consult with their doctor first.


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